Catechist's Connection

 What is a Catechist?

A catechist, commissioned and supported by the parish and pastor, is entrusted with the important role of formally presenting the story of Faith to our children in a way that enables them to see and experience faith as a “living reality.” This ministry is open to any Catholic who has been confirmed, is actively practicing their faith, is in good standing with the Church, has taken Protecting Gods Children, and is willing to participate in certification workshops.

Just as the pastor gathers the parish to celebrate and share in the life of the Spirit alive in the faith community, so the catechist gathers the children and creates opportunities for them to experience the meaning and importance of Jesus in their lives.

At Our Lady of the Woods, our catechists are dedicated and loving faith-filled people who make our faith come alive for our children. They have all completed the “Protecting God’s Children” workshop, and most are advanced certified by the Archdiocese of Detroit by attending catechetical topics, observing other catechists, and by being observed. . These topics help the catechists to be effective teachers as well as aid in the deepening of their own faith. Click here to register for a Protecting God’s Children workshop. This link will also provide information on safe environment.

If you wish to join our team of catechists, please contact the Director of Religious Education, Claudette Wagner via e-mail at [email protected].

We encourage all the faithful to continue their own faith formation and education by attending retreats, workshops, and classes. One way to do that is by attending Sacred Heart Major Seminary. Classes are held at the Seminary, online, and at satellite locations. For more information please see the Sacred Heart website at Take it from me, It’s a great place to learn!