Happy Father's Day!

My sister and I are taking our Dad out for dinner today (I guess Mom will be invited too) and I cannot wait! I’m not sure if it is the same in other families, but it always seems like dads are getting the short end of the stick. Here’s a simple example: Mom got flowers, a freshly pressure washed deck, and all the patio furniture put out for Mother’s Day. Dad is going to get two $50 gift cards to Home Depot (because he needs to replace his weed whacker) and dinner.

What just happened? When I think back to my childhood, I think of the flowers that Mom got and the ties that Dad got. Ouch! Or the times when I was in college and I would call home and ask if I could talk to Mom. Am I sounding familiar to anyone out there?

Without a doubt, I love my parents completely. They have always been my biggest fans, provided for me, sheltered me, and made sure that I had every opportunity to do things that they never could when they were growing up. I was fortunate enough to have a Mom who worked at home. Dad did a lot of traveling for work, but he always found time to call or be there when we needed him to be. My sister and I are so very fortunate to have grown up in the amazing, loving family that we did.

(If my Mom were reading this, she would probably be crying right now. Maybe Dad too… and it may have ruined his gift for Father’s Day.)

Now, reframe everything that I just said into the Church. Today, we are celebrating the Most Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). Have you ever noticed that God the Father kind of gets the same short end of the stick? We have solemnities for God the Son (Christ the King, Body and Blood of Christ, Easter, Christmas, etc). We have a solemnity for God the Holy Spirit in the form of Pentecost. Mary even has some solemnities (Assumption, Mary the Mother of God, and Immaculate Conception)

What about God the Father? I suppose that the Most Holy Trinity is the equivalent of a really nice neck tie (or weed whacker).

In your prayers today, take extra time to praise and thank God the Father for everything (literally). He created the world, the universe, and all life in his own image and saw that it is good. The greatest gift that we can give back to God the Father, who gifted us the Son and the Holy Spirit, is to love him, each other, and the Creation that he put here for us.

God bless,


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