The Branch - December 2, 2018

Dec 10, 2018

Happy New (Liturgical) Year!

Nobody move! Stay right where you are! I’ve dropped something and I don’t want you to accidentally step on it!

Ok, so you are not likely to step on it so go ahead and resume your regularly scheduled day that I have so rudely interrupted. I have lost 2018! I cannot believe that it is December and that we are knocking on the doorstep of 2019 and before that happens, we have entered into a new liturgical year in the Church! Welcome to the year of Cycle C!

There’s a lot more of St. Luke’s gospels in this cycle. Some of the highlights, especially for children, in this cycle are: learning to say yes (annunciation & visitation); a choral reading (message from the angels to the shepherds); looking for a different angle (identify parables about the Kingdom of God); and meeting John the Baptist. Just as people have a tendency to come up with new resolutions during the calendar year, doesn’t it seem appropriate to bring a new resolution to our spiritual calendar also?

Maybe now is a good time to evaluate your time and commitments? Can you spare some time each week to serve God and support your faith family? After all, you’re coming to Mass anyway. What better way to evolve into a deeper understanding of what takes place during the Mass than by becoming part of it?

Lectors, Commentators, Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, musicians (instrumental/choir), ushers, catechists, and many others are all services that can make use of the many gifts that God has blessed you with. Think on it; pray on it. See if the spirit moves you to brings your talents and gifts to the table.

In the meantime, HAPPY NEW (LITURGICAL) YEAR! I’m so glad to be spending the time with you in praise and honor of our Lord Jesus Christ.

God bless, Jason


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