Faith Formation for Children

We recognize that “Parents are the first and foremost catechists of their children. They catechize informally but powerfully by example and instructions. They communicate values and attitudes by showing love for Christ and his Church and for each other, by reverently receiving the Eucharist and living in its spirit, by fostering justice and love in all their relationships. Their active involvement in the parish, their readiness to seek opportunities to serve others and their practice of frequent prayer, all make meaningful their profession of belief. Parents nurture faith in their children by showing them the richness and beauty of lived faith.” (NCD)

We do our very best to assist your family in deepening your relationship in the  Catholic faith. Be sure to check the parish calendar for updates on religious formation events. 

Faith Formation for Children classes at Our Lady of the Woods are offered so that families and individuals may grow in their relationship with God. 

Monday evening 6:00 – 7:30 pm               grades 1-8

Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLW) Sunday 9 am and 11 am Masses

  • Reconciliation, First Eucharist, and Confirmation are celebrated when the child is ready. See the individual sacrament drop down tabs under Sacraments on the Home page. The preparation for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist typically begin in the first grade, and the sacraments are celebrated in the second grade. 
  • Confirmation is typically celebrated during (grades 8-12). Children are accepted in the Confirmation Preparation Program beginning in level 6 of Faith Formation or its equivalent. Those preparing for this sacrament must be ready to devote the time needed to fulfill all the requirements of the formation process. Core elements of the Confirmation program begin in grade 6 and continue through grade 8 or beyond, in the last year of preparation attending Sunday Preparation Sessions, and Confirmation Retreats are mandatory. Those preparing for Confirmation will celebrate the sacrament when they are properly prepared. 

Arrival & Dismissal: Students are to arrive no sooner than 5:30 PM at the Social Hall. They are to be picked up from the Social Hall at dismissal time. Parents, please do not be late!

Attendance: Students are expected to faithfully attend classes. Too many absences disrupt the faith development of the student as well as the class. If a student will be absent due to a long-term commitment, please see the student’s teacher for missed assignments.

Academic Expectations: Each student is expected to do his/her best to reach his/her potential and allow other students to reach theirs. Specifically, each student is expected to:

 1) Come to class prepared- All Grade Levels have some homework weekly

 2) Be attentive in class

 3) Adhere to classroom rules set by the Catechist (teacher)

 4) Respect feelings and ideas of others

Curriculum: Our religion series used for Grades 1-5 provide faith concepts, explore sacred scripture, introduce faith vocabulary and saints as well as offer a variety of prayers. Every grade level expresses the need to attend Mass on a regular basis.

Grades 6-8 use the same textbook for 3 years “The Catholic Connections Handbook for Middle Schoolers” This dynamite middle school parish program fosters the faith of young adolescents and helps them to make connections between the Catholic faith and everyday life. 

Discipline Policy:  Discipline is based on respect for one’s self and others. Respecting the rights of others results in a good classroom atmosphere for educating and learning. In order to provide this atmosphere, the classroom must be free of excessively disruptive behavior so the catechist is able to focus on teaching. Therefore, the following is our procedure for discipline:

  • If a student creates a disturbance to the point that the teacher cannot continue to teach, then the student will be sent to the Religious Education Office.
  • The student will remain in the office the remainder of the class period and will complete any work required by the teacher. The student’s parents will be notified of their child’s behavior.
  • If a student is sent to the office three times, a conference will be scheduled with the student, parents, teacher and Director of Religious Education.
  • If the student’s behavior continues in an unacceptable manner, a second conference will be held which may result in the removal of the student for the remainder of the year.

Fees: Parishioner Rate: $70.00 for one; $85.00 for two; $100.00 for three or more. $35.00 for First Eucharist Sacramental prep materials; $75.00 for Confirmation prep materials.