Parish Advisory Committee

Our Parish Advisory Committee plays a crucial role in fostering the spiritual well-being of our community. Let's explore its purpose and principles:

  1. **Canonical Foundation**:
    1. Canon 536 of the **Code of Canon Law** addresses the formation of a **pastoral council** (often referred to as a "parish council") in each parish.
    2. With the formation of our Family of Parishes, each priest in solidum had an option of maintaining an advisory body in his own parish. As a result, our parish council was repurposed into the Parish Advisory Committee.
  2. **Consultative Role**:
    1. The advisory committee provides a forum for parishioners to share their opinions and advice.
    2. Members offer input on various issues affecting the parish, but their votes are consultative and not binding.
    3. After consultation with the committee, the priest in solidum ultimately makes decisions.
  3. **Spiritual Leadership**:
    1. The theological implications recognize the priest in solidum as the leader of the parish and the Family of Parishes.
    2. While the committee members contribute valuable insights, the priest in solidum remains responsible for the parish's spiritual care and direction.
  4. **Canonical Membership**:
    1. The advisory committee includes **lay members of the Christian faithful**, chosen by the priest in solidum.
    2. Those interested in serving on the advisory committee are required to have completed the requisite steps inĀ Protecting God's Children.

In summary, our Parish Advisory Committee serves as a consultative body, fostering collaboration and ensuring that our parish remains rooted in faith, morals, and prudence. Contact the Parish Advisory Committee by clicking here.

Parish Advisory Committee Members

  • Fr. Bob Johnson, SVD
  • Mr. Peter Caldwell, Chairperson
  • Mr. Thomas Nonnenmacher, Vice-Chairperson
  • Mr. Steve Hoover, Secretary
  • Mrs. Marilyn Hibbard
  • Mr. Daniel Hyman*
  • Mrs. Cheryl Liedel

* = denotes Family of Parishes representative